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  1. Mobile Application Home Screen displays current location, no-fly zones, Environment widget, and other important airspace information.

  2. Click “+” and select the “New Flight Plan” option to create a mapping mission.

  3. Select “Mapping” or “Inspection” type of mission (depending on the use-case).

  4. Enter Name for the Flight Plan, verify default settings, and click the “Create Flight Plan” button.

    Mapping type of mission
      Inspection type of mission
  5. Tap and hold to add waypoints as boundaries for the new Area of Operation that will be used to calculate the grid for mapping missions.

  6. Tap on the “Grid” button to review or customize grid details if needed and click “Save” to apply the changes.

    Mapping type of mission
      Inspection type of mission

  7. Grid details

  8. Tap on the “Info” button to review the terrain awareness indicator

  9. Connect iOS / Android device with the Drone via cable.  Environment widget will provide connectivity details and will display the status of drone connection (e.g. battery, gps count, etc.)  

  10. Click the “Fly” button to upload the mission and click “Start” to confirm that you are ready to start the automated operation.

  11. The execution of the automated mission will be initiated.  The App will transition to the FlightDeck screen and display the status of the Operation execution and other controls.

  12. Once the Operation is completed, the logs and other Operation details will be available for review via the main menu “Flight Plans” under “Activity” tab.

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