LAANC Authorization - Web App

Prerequisite: Log In and Create a Flight Plan

  1. LAANC authorization Step 1: submit LAANC authorization for existing flight plan

  2. LAANC authorization step 2: review operation details and modify if necessary

  3. LAANC authorization step 3: review pre-check for authorization eligibility

  4. LAANC authorization step 4: review the terms of operation and submit an authorization. You must agree to the FAA Privacy Statement (link provided). LAANC association statement is also provided here for your reference.

  5. LAANC authorization step 5: LAANC summary screen displays the status, code, and terms of the approved authorization

  6. LAANC authorization changes: LAANC authorization can be modified or canceled by clicking the corresponding button in the LAANC authorization summary screen
  7. LAANC authorization - flight plan modification: flight plan can be accessed via the LAANC summary screen by clicking the Open Flight Plan button

  8. LAANC authorizations list: individual LAANC authorizations can be accessed via LAANC Authorizations screen (list view) available in the main menu
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